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Redesign Partners invests in Benelux, France and Germany. The investment focus is on businesses that are affected by changes in their markets and changing customer demand. This leads to new opportunities but also new challenges to overcome. Adapting to change often requires an important (strategic) repositioning of a company. Redesign Partners has over 15 years of experience in leading and helping companies through this transition. Redesign Partners will not only invest capital but will invest expertise and management resources to help a company (re)gain leadership in the changed business environment.

Since its origin in 1996 Redesign Partners has a longstanding experience record in this field, showing many top three players in their industry.

We believe that each transaction and situation is unique and every deal requires careful tuning of the terms and structure taking into account the respective (personal) objectives and requirements of both the seller, the management team and ourselves. Redesign Partners acts according to a standardized investment process and where required the Team can gear up to act very quickly.

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